Rondane 2020 (lets go!) (literally ) #hiking #Rondane

Looking on the path from Sjusjøen/Hornsjøen to Rondane.

110 Km og path in nature and often on high ground (mountain).

8-10 cabins (DNT / Inatur) between the two destinations.

800-1000 tent spots….

The exit in the end is Otta where the train goes back to the tiger city ( Oslo )

The 110 Km path from Hornsjø to Rondane
The exit out – (or fast way in) from/to Rondeslottet 2178 above sea

On Randonee to Rondane?

Okay, we’ll take boots, but there was one nice rhyme there …. Randonee to Rondane ? ( and yepp, it goes well with Mountain skiis, but lets look on paths and boots first… )

I think as follows:

Leave the cabins behind you, start at Hornsjø and go straight north and into the countryside. The Djupslia hut is after 20 Km and is a nice hike on day one.

You choose your own speed and travel destination after this and the next cabins and arches have the following distance from Hornsjø:

Vetåbua (DNT) after about 35 Km, Saubua cabin (Inatur) after 41 Km, Svælhøgdbua after 46 Km (an open stone cabin), Jammerdalsbua (DNT) after 53 Km, cabins and hotels with Spidsbergseter and / or Forrestadseter after about 75 Km, Eldabu (DNT) after 89 Km and then you reach Rondvassbu after 110 Km.

The ride up to the Rondslottet at 2178 moh is 6 km uphill from Rondvassbu

You have mostly downhill of 23 km to civilization, train and E6 at Otta in the exit.

The shortest trick in the book is 6.2 Km to Spranget parking which is a toll road and gives you Taxi or car pickup.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram