The news: “drink 14 pints a week or get dementia” – ( Source: My mate Lars , a psychiatry research manager at Aging and Health, and Nettavisen 👍) #drink14beeravoiddementia

  1. The News are from Norway/GB and I am not kidding you…… (Source: here)
  2. I am educated in beer ( and I am not kidding you (nr 2) – I am a Beer Sommelier from )
  3. Yes, you will read that 2 beers a week also is fine (but that is not a good headline is it….)

The news:

A new and comprehensive study published in the British journal British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows that your alcohol intake can affect the risk of developing dementia – and that not only is too high an alcohol intake that can increase the risk of dementia, but that no (zero) alcohol can have the same effect.

My volume of kilometers of cycling, running and walking during 2019

Training and activity 2019:

I have now analyzed my walking, cycling and running figures from last year and I am now making a battle plan.

A battle plan for how I can increase the number of kilometers, increase the number with training sessions, and most importantly how to beat my best mate Lars in 100% of all the above in 2020.

( The main goal is to be 99 years old, walk, talk and have a pint on Saturdays…)

Here are my numbers for 2019:

The whole shabang (run, walk, cycling):

The running:

The walking: