#photos 👉 Asker Culture Conference, 18.3.2019 👨‍🎨👩‍🎤👨‍🎤

Great day, schedule, and event by Asker Municipality.

My role today: show potential “scenes” in nature for culture, concert, music and poetry.


13.30 Kaffe og registrering

14.00 Kunstnerisk åpning

14.10 Åpning ved ordfører Lene Conradi

14.30 Kulturmeldingen – Fordeling ansvar mellom stat, region og kommune

15.00 Kultur i Viken ved direktør Arve Eide

15.30 Alternative kulturarenaer i Nye Asker ved Bjørn Heidenstrøm

15.40 Tilskuddsordningen Nye Asker 2019 / Kulturåret 2020

16.00 Mat, mingling og kulturinnslag

16.45 Status Dikemark

17.00 Kulturlokaler og Innbyggertorg

17.30 Minidebatt med de politiske partier

My site do not have plague anymore 👍 (From a “not-secure-site” to a secure WordPress site in 30 sec )

Suddenly, one shiny day in 2018, my wordpress site (the one you are reading now ) had a “this is not a secure site” in the url…..

And okay…………, I have 1 visitor pr week, – but its not cool to have a site where the 1 visitor are wondering if my site have ebola, pest or are haccing his Mastercard while reading my posts about my dog……. – so I found the cure and it took 30 sec.

  1. Go: https://really-simple-plugins.com/
  2. and click download and install
  3. Restart PC
  4. You now have a “secure site”