Republishing #theshirt on #BBC for @refugees

I`m working with the next steps for “The Shirt” (read; World Cup 2014)

We managed to talk about UNHCR, and the refugees in 85 countries in 2009/10. We managed to talk and exposed “Demining” in 2011, and It`s been for the Red Cross in 2012. Best in 2009/10/11 and did not get it superbest paddling and shouting out the project in 2012. (Stand Up Paddling from Basel to the Black Sea). – So it`s back to The Shirt.

Football united and a symbol is the tool. Attention and awareness for humanitarian projects is the goal.

BBC was a bit more on football content then the refugee content, but we got a word in… 🙂
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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram