The Shirt on #CNN for @Refugees

Its time for planning new expeditions and this is just to show that football-tribes, shirts and a big symbol works if you want to make some attention for someone who need it….. (read; / that I try to help as a volunteer in 09/10)

I`v done some more sweating and talks after this day in Joburg (see; video), and the day was nice. I guess CNN is one of the biggest players if you want to reach volume of people…. This video is after 333 days. That what it took me on a cycle from Norway. Helped in the right direction by the football family and media….

Thanks Cable News Network !

‘Biking Viking’ cycles for refugees by CNN_International

How importante is “attention” for a label, a product, a company, a humanitarian organization ?

Tell me on @Heidenstrom, I work with that energy (“awareness”) and click @refugees on Twitter, they need you.

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter and making a new vision for The shirt.. ,-)


Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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