The place in Norway where you can see 1/6 of Norway… #Gaustatoppen #Rjukan

you can meet others in the summer hollydays…
on the top

The Gaustatop (1883 m.h.) extends majestically over Rjukan, and is by many referred to as Norway’s most beautiful mountain.


Norway’s widest view, from the Gaustatoppen you can see 1/6 of Norway

Only 2 hours walk from Stavsro to Gaustatoppen

Cafe and beds on the top ( ) ( )

Secret tunnel inside the mountain (well, we like to think it was during the cold war .. ) (ca 300 Kroner pr ride on that cool Indiana Jones kind of tram )

The best part is the other side of the valley: That is where Rjukan make the gateway to Hardangervidda.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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