The #motherfile and information about #TheShirt #2012 (please RT) #share #help

The photo is from my Facebook page… 😉

Please share the document under, –  you know, one a evening when you have som spare time…

It’s the document that you send to a mate, who send to mate, who know a lady who Twitter a man who have information or a cup of cofee along the Danube, Black Sea or before Kiev.

This from my Google public document:

  “You will be a part of padding 4200 km in the category SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and set a new world record in 2012.

You will every day show how to transport a project 100% environmentally friendly (*) The first one was going, the next two were cyclists and the next one is paddling.
You will be involved in further development of the world’s largest man-made humanitarian symbol (*) and the world’s largest single initiative (*) for humanitarian attention and involvement (*) You will every day get- and own the content, text, images, video, showing that their own website is vibrant and current.
You will use and say..”

100% of the document here.

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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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