How to have a great (and not bad ) time when #traveling #backpacking #exploring

Self timer photo on a roof I slept on in Aswan, Egypt border to Sudan.

(Self timer photo on a roof I slept on in Aswan, Egypt border to Sudan)

I have a great trick for you if you are planning a big or a small trip. A 3 or a 333 days expedition or backpacking stunt.

I have a trick for you if you just are traveling to a new exotic country and you would like to have a good time…

The trick is;  ask, ask, ask and ask. (and you learn, learn, and learn and make the right steps…)

I am superman in the field:

 I’ll be paddling 100 days on the Danube / Black sea / Dneiper . I’m realy good on backpacking on my own. I’m a superman in the field. I’m smart in the jungels, the desert, the mountains and the forest…..


Because I ask and follow the locals. I’m not smart. I listen to the smart one. I’m not smart in Sudan. I ask the Sudanese, they make me smart.

If in the jungle – ask the jungle man. If on Danube – ask the Danube man. Don’t tell yourself that you are Bear Grylls. Not even Bear Grylls is Bear Grylls. It is the researcher in the Grylls team who make  Mr Grylls good! The researcher that ask all the good questions like; “any snakes on this place we should thank about ….”  “any mates in the next village that can help us be smart”

83 million experts:

There are 83 million people living close to the Danube, and that’s before I’ll start paddling the Black Sea. That means that there are 83 million people that probably know more about the region, the history, the glory and the potential dark or grey sides of the path the I’m on.

For me, thats 83 million experts and all I have to do is ask. Ask about everything and ask at least about the things that maters most.  Like the question; “Hi mate, I’m traveling alone for the next 100 days and don’t want to be sick – where should I eat my next meals?

I asked that singel question 9867545678 times on the roads in Africa. I got the right answer every time. I was sick zero, null, nada, no times on my 333 days on the road from Norway to South Africa. My mate have been one week in Egypt, one in Marokko and one in Tyrkie. He was sick once, robbed twice.

So you will see that I’ll be asking for new mates every days. A new potential expert to ask…

Do you know one thing that I should know about Danube? Black Sea? A storry to tell? A mate that lives close?

Where is the best place for a cold beer on that river???

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter, 40 days to the start

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