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“A post card from Lyngen”

I took the photo from road E6, from the Olderdalen site. One of the best cycling and photo days of the 65 from North to South.

Sharing this with “water-photo-friends” on http://waterywednesday.blogspot.no/  where you will find a lot of super nature shots.

Wiki says: “The Lyngen Alps (Norwegian: Lyngsalpene) are a mountain range in northeastern Troms county in Norway, east of the city of Tromsø. The mountain range runs through the municipalities of Lyngen, Balsfjord, and Storfjord. The mountains follow the western shore of the Lyngen fjord in a north-south direction. The length of the range is at least 90 kilometres (56 mi) (depending on definition—there are mountains all the way south to the border with Sweden) and the width is 15–20 kilometres (9.3–12 mi). The mountains dominate the Lyngen Peninsula, which is bordered by the Lyngen fjord to the east, and the Ullsfjorden to the west. The British climber William Cecil Slingsby was the first to climb many of the peaks.

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