How much the super service cost in Romania

So, the boarder police helped me out from a bay yesterday. The weather was nasty for paddling. So the finest uniforms drove me 3 km straight in to the country. Woke up, was a bit not in the mood for carry pack and board, asked if anyone new anyone with a car. I will pay. Of course. The men turn up. Car is big. They are smiling. I ask “how much?” The answer is a lot of words I dont understand, and the pointing… Means; get your ass in the car, lets find Donau… In the car, with three Romanian men, on the farmland I think back to other countries where I have not made the deal before the driving… The next thought is with full name, I speak with myself ; “Bjorn Olav Heidenstrom you fu#%£€ stupid fu$£€%£ Norwegian and complete idiot – this will be an fu€£$¿¢ expensive drive”

Beatufull countryside. Farmerland. And there is my Donau who Im borrowing of this men and country. I jump of and I want the hard deal to be over and asks how much ?????

“Nothing” he say. I show my Euro and my ask the two others.

“Nothing” they say.

I insist…. “You go Dunare barka we look” they say.

So you have been reading old stories about Romania? So you judge the book by its cover?

Me too. To often…

Super help and a friendly hand cost nothing in Romania?

Dunare is Donau. Barka is boat.The language is latin. A friend is every where if you look.

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