Dont do expeditions on Norways big day !

17.5.2011, was planning to do 100 km, the first of 3300 km cycling Norway, North – South – Mysen. Starting wild, The most north spot in Norway, ” Nordkapp”. Came 30 km. Snowing with a wind that blew two camping cars of the road. Im not kidding you See the photos on my or mate Ingars 17.5.2012, super Romania.Hoping for 40 km, begging for 60, and praying to get over on the other side, Vidin, Bulgaria, to push further down.. Den switch to Romania on the 460 km mark. Did not. Had 2 km/h on the worst. Full stop by the building of the new bridge. Costin, TID paddler, Romania wrote that the wind would double. So I did my expedition math….Use 2000 kilo energy to try to beat nature, or go in a safe place and go out early tomorrow with that energy in my body bank. I went for saving, not fight, and celebrate the national day of Norway with a nice Romanian BBQ pork and one cold Ursus. Maybe two. Its Norway day today. Its windy day. And Jugo’s St Peter said; Dont try to beat my nature 😉

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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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