A global symbol about #Together need a new friends

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The Shirt, is the unity symbol (see photos) that has grown and become bigger and bigger from 2009.

  1. We want it to be seen
  2. We want the word #Together on the chest
  3. We probably need a partner on the symbol to do so
  4. The Shirt is a PR/media super-machine, so we could find a helper if we spread the message


It is the symbol for- and from the football family’s unity, strength, and values, and our nr 1 word: “together”

Today there are 621 football shirts, and there are over 3,000 people, fans, players, coaches, moms, and dads who have signed on The Shirt. The symbol has been used to make communication, information, feelings, and to help. ( Google it …) It makes people stop, gaze and seek more information. People want to attend.

The symbol is called “The Shirt” and the goal for 2016 is to find partners, cities, communities, and friends who want to expose The Shirt with the word “together” on the chest. And we need some help. ( we been doing it graasroot style so far)

We think primarily about places and cities that need friendship and unity right now. We believe The Shirt should travel around Europe in 2016 and we believe it should be raised in- and be a part of the European Football Championship in 2016.

We think is should be in Paris right now.

All clubs, all the fans, all players,  yes! – all people need to see, feel, and experience #together now.  And for those who wants – continue with our work and building of the symbol. That everyone should be able to come with his/here old football jersey and sew it in and a part of The Shirt.

We need a Mayor, a company, or another force to achieve this.

The Shirt was used during the opening of Soccer City, Johannesburg in 2010. It has been showcased and exposed with its history on 30 places after that.

Do you need some extra information to convince a potential power partner?

  • It will be the most visited object in 2016
  • It will be the most photographed background on selfies in 2016
  • It is the biggest man made unity symbol on the planet
  • It is made to show unity and #together
  • It has a place for a logo or two
  • It will be the big talk in 2016 if we do it
  • It started in 2009 lets continue to 2029

@heidenstrom in Twitter if you find the power helper.

Lets stay together.

Bjørn @Heidenstrom



Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram