#photo #video : “Why you should travel to Boa Vista, Kap Verde, West Africa

This is some of my/Marianne`s  photos and videos from a 10 days stay on Boa Vista, Kap Verde.

Boa Vista (Portuguese meaning “good view”) is the easternmost island of Cape Verde.

It’s a new traveling and holyday destination for many. Boa Vista is a part of Kap Verde and the climate and nature looks like and feel like the dry, sandy, hot, and breezing parts of Canary Island.  Thats rocks, sand, dunes and beaches….

The two simple reasons why it will grow as a tourist destination for cold European is;  the sun and the beaches.

With an area of 620 km², it is the third largest island, after Santo Antão and Santiago. It is 455 km west of the coast of Africa. Much of the island is flat. The highest point on the island is Monte Estância, elevation 387 meters. Its main town is Sal Rei, its ferry port and home to Boa Vista’s airport on the northwest side of the island. You will not find s shoping streets and neon lights.

Why go there?

The climate, the food, the activity if your in to fishing, diving, and most of all surfing and kiting.

I made a deal with my lady after a 95 days expedition in the spring. That deal was that I had to stay close to the sunbed and just relax.

I did it (with some minor events on the sea and desert )

Boa Vista. Try it!

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