Want to act proffesional? Ask the locals ! #paddling #backpacking

If you ask a Norwegian. Anyone or me, how our nature is, we will say super pretty and beautiful. The fact; The sad record is 15 dead in one winter. The nature took them. The weather… So we made the Mountain Commands. I used them cycling to South Africa. I think you can cycle or paddle to China, nude and with a pink wig if you follow those commands. The most importante; ASK THE LOCALS WHOS BEEN THERE AND USE THIS NATURE ! And its about where, how, changes, weather, culture, hot spots, nice spots, lethal spots. Maybe you will hear that you have to put on trousers and remove the pink wig in Sudan. Maybe you will learn to keep left on the Boiling Pot. Maybe you will hear from Mr Mate Sir Jugoslav that there is hidden caves to seek shelter at 972 Donau. He past that info to me. Ill give it to the next man or queen who will try Donau…

So you and I could try the cool image, the; I know it all image, or we could respect, listen, and learn. And we can pass it on..

You have seen my first hero, Jugoslav from Novi Sad. He gave me Costin. Thats local information and help from those who realy now Donau. Like the boiling pot… Costin is a paddler in Olintea, Donau, at 430 km before the Black Sea. His nickname is “Olintea 430” and his first message today, when Im on the Boiling Pot. Super pretty, but dangerous on the wrong day with the spontan change of weather. They have already told me how to act there. Next info is about the next steps;

“IMPORTANT! Do not pass Orsova today. There are no places to spend the night after this”

Good information for a Norwegian whos never been here… Or the next 1000 km…

Then the next sms via Skype.

“Excellent weather for U tomorrow AGAIN. Almost 0 wind. ON SUNDAY: 30-33km/h with gusts of 48km/h blowing from WNW.Please confirm your KM 2night. Keep in touch”

Then the best one ?

“would be great if we could synchronize for the 19th of May evening for km 464. We will have fish soup and barbecue and many other goodies…”

Thats info! Thats local!

From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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