Then I went in the hands of Romanian police #paddling #Donau

I have crossed boarders in 40 countries. Alone, dirty, sweaty, and thats with a cycle or a paddling board. The worst was Russia in to Estonia with second worst place; Sudan. Super people. Bad boarder control.. You have to have a smile, or the thought; hey, he is a visitor in my country. Lets check if he have a ton with cocaine or a nuclear bomb, but lets do it with style…

So, after you Google my 40 boarder crossings ( ) I therefore and now declare Romania, MoldovaVeke, for the best police and boarder controll on the planet.

And okay… I think Costin the TID paddler down the streams have taken some calls… 😉

From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram