Then he said; I have a gun and can shoot you now! #paddling #backpacking

It happend some hours ago and I hope some of my new friends in Orsovo can share this with Iron Gate, and discuss this. I want. You want happy people on your Donau..

Iv been crossing 40 boarders with a cycle or kayak alone. Im not a rookie. Tell me What I did wrong, I have no clue, so I can pas it on to the next man who want to see this part of Europa from a kayak. What you can do different next time. I believe you can; 1. I have taken initiative to get good information of how to act on Donau. Last time yesterday by the boarder police in Orsova. 2. I got the exact point of how to enter Iron Gate nr 1 ( He Derdap 1 ) and I paddled in to that point. 3. A person with no uniform and one with uniform speak no english, but I understand I can not reach the ladder because to much garbage in water. They point west. 4. Iv learned of your police that Im now in your water and can not change to Serbian side ( that takes a lot of paper work ) so I paddle out to the pier they are pointing at. Drags my board and backpack out of the water and goes towards south. This is what Iv done ca 40 times in Germany. 5. Again the man with no uniform points to Serbia, I say that I only have papers for Romania, have checked out of Serbia. He points south say red light. So I go for the red light. And by the way,what a bad weather, I was cold as a snowball… 😉 6. Im visual for the new man in uniform on 30 meter. I carry my paddling board and my backpack. I have a Norwegian flag on my cap and on my back. 7. Interesting move from your Iron Gate man, that you need to discuss. On 10 meter he say something in Romanian, I respond with “sorry only speak english unt kleine German. On 8 meter he takes right hand on his pistol and say “I have a gun and can shoot you now!” 8. I stop and he release the strap around the pistol and point at my diving knife and say “you have a weapon, remove it” and I want bore you with every detail, but when the strap is removed the situation is sharp and Im waiting for the next Rambo move that he think my paddling board maybe is a bomb… I unstrap, and say,as you know, its if I get hooked by the fishing nets in the river. The visual one or the hidden….. 9. It takes 3 minutes and i have 7 people around me. I show al my papers, passport, and ask if they could call the police in Orsova. Im one hour in the rain. Thats okay. Im Norwegian. 10. Im helped to the south end and paddle on…

So, thank you for the attention Iron Gate one. My suggestions; put up a sign if no paddler can go on the pier. Put up a sign that lead the way where you want us. Do not push hand to gun and/or use words as “have gun can shot”. Do that if you believe you have a sharp situation, and if a paddler looks dangerous to you, tell us how to behave, dress, or use signs.

Im used with guns, but the next man could be a Swedish advocate, and will die on the spot. And hart attacks on the Iron Gate will make bad times for your touris director. It could be messy.

So, and now, give me your punches. Ill learn and pas the to the next paddler. They will come to visit your beautiful country, history, culture and people. Thats a good income..

To the hot head with the gun. You turned great after 30 minutes. Its water under the bridge. You can have a BBQ In my garden. Come without guns 😉 You can test the ones I have. You can even hunt a Moose, but Ill tell you when to hold the trigger, and when to push to go for 400 kg of meat 😉

And please tell Iron Gate two that Im coming…

Romania, more tourists, thats the goal.

And all on Iron Gate have to donate to my Red Cross, Missing children project. One Euro each. If you dont, my Norwegian Viking mates will come with their ships down Donau 🙂

Noroc !

From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram

5 thoughts to “Then he said; I have a gun and can shoot you now! #paddling #backpacking”

  1. Perhaps it was a better idea to give me a phone,so i had cleared the situation,on telephone with this insane pistolero.
    Now you are in the area Drobeta?Do you found a place tonight?

  2. Nasty time … everything is done to prepare for what comes next, in the end you say: … -after this experience does not surprise me anything, one thing is certain, those Romanias that follow on the net or in newspapers and you read … Are with you. ‘re A welcome … you will know when you meet real Romanias. All the best.

  3. its been super all the time, as you will read on my blog. Romania has been and is a super time. Iron gate is probably my mistakd… I just wamt signs and tell the nect paddler what to do..

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