The news: “drink 14 pints a week or get dementia” – ( Source: My mate Lars , a psychiatry research manager at Aging and Health, and Nettavisen ?) #drink14beeravoiddementia

  1. The News are from Norway/GB and I am not kidding you…… (Source: here)
  2. I am educated in beer ( and I am not kidding you (nr 2) – I am a Beer Sommelier from )
  3. Yes, you will read that 2 beers a week also is fine (but that is not a good headline is it….)

The news:

A new and comprehensive study published in the British journal British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows that your alcohol intake can affect the risk of developing dementia – and that not only is too high an alcohol intake that can increase the risk of dementia, but that no (zero) alcohol can have the same effect.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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