The hardest day

As you can see, if you want to see… 😉

The hardest thing is to carry 25 kilo around water ports, and to walk ca 6 km with the same 25 Kilo to find a sleeping place. It brings my speed on the board down to 3 km pr hour. When Im on the board Ill do 6 to 8 km/h.  So…; river= fast, carry= slow, finding food/water/shelter= f*** slow.

The easy part is paddling. Its hard. Its 8 hours. Its sweat and tears, but that goes. My body is 44, but its a good machine. (sorry for that bragging )

Then in the morning return 6 km to the river with with the 25 kilo again. Wet clothes. Sometimes havent found food.

The tent? No! Nicht. many places you can’t put up your tent. Not alowed. Forbidden. Nicht! So you have to walk to find…

So thats why Im seeking a helping man. I have the car on the hand. I have the food and I’ll serve you the best of the cold German beer. You have to be a man to pop in, my Marianne will kill me if not..


Bjorn, solo, but want duo

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram