The doctor say to the paddling man

Yes, I now I get no sympathy when out and around, but.. For the next one who want to go far. I have advice.

Check your body before your body say full stop. So do a check every one third of the long trip. And for me, this is my log to remember what I did where. Today. 2.4.12 Arms burning for 30 days, German doctor say, be careful, you are close to fail. Went head first in to river, 10 days ago. Doctor say today, it looks great. No worries. Neck is disturbing, doctor say, lets brake it up ( and he did. Thought he killed me, but great feeling after )

ca 80 k to Donau, and doctor say, have a nice trip, but be carefull.

I say, have a good trip,and be safe.

I learn a lot from , one thing, listen from the one who knows better than you, like a German doctor, but dont quit if you feel pain or it starts to rain… 😉

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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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