Stage 9 – Giro D Italia 2013: Preview, Route Maps

Ronny J, Christian E, and me.

– the hurting stuff on sunday:

Stage 9: Sansepolcro – Florence

Distance:  170km

Highest point: 1,060m

Category: Medium mountains

CHASING RAINBOWS A Tuscan odyssey, stage 9 is effectively a dress rehearsal for the 2013 World Championship Road Race. Rolling northwest from Sansepolcro, it will finish in one of Italy’s most spectacular locations, in the heart of Florence. Notwithstanding its cultural importance, it promises action on the road too. Hostilities will begin early, the big climb up the Passo della Consuma beginning the sorting-out process. With three more mountain prizes plus Florence on the menu, what more could we ask for?Stefano Zanatta says: “Whoever has the jersey will hope that the break stays away, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it does. A lot of teams will target this but as it’s Vini Fantini’s backyard

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