Romania, can you read me ?

I have a old map from former Jugoslavia and my information is that l check my passport for first Boarder controll in Veliko Gradiste. If I get happy wind on my nice ass… I will reach that today. Dunavski Cvet. Is that right ? And where is the next controll ? I like to be friends with boarder controll… 😉

From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram

3 thoughts to “Romania, can you read me ?”

  1. I would like to get into contact with you. It is urgent since you are approaching Romania.
    Good luck!

    Daniel Ionita

  2. Hi my paddling mate Bjorn! 🙂
    I hope that St Peter Koriški is taking good care of and in front of you!Where you are, and is it everything OK with you? I sent your phone and website to my friend Costin Jatan from Romania and he told me that he will keep care on you. Just tell me that everything is OK.
    All good wishes and back wind
    Your Serbian friend

    Jugo Novi Sad

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