Probably the best #selfie on the #planet

Photo; It`s my mate Erik Helgesen who`s now testing out the new trend (selfie)

As you can see… – He is eating to much junk- and dog food.

His wife (and I ) still love him.

Bjorn @Heidenstrom

PS! – its a new trend out of the “selfie trend” witch is called “face-swop” ( so the man on the photo has swoped the dog on his T-shirt with his face…)

Selfie From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking. In the Korean entertainment industry the word selca (short for “self camera”) means photos taken of oneself. They are often casual, are typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror, and typically include either only the photographer or the photographer and as many people as can be in focus. Selfies taken that involve multiple people are known as “group selfies”. In August 2013 the Guardian produced a film series titled Thinkfluencer exploring selfie exposure in the UK. Denoting a pathological condition: Selfieism. The term ‘selfie’ originated in Australia in 2002 on an internet forum.

PS! the photo/selfie is from the web. I could not find the source.

Bjorn @heidenstrom

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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