Please inform the king and the prime minister of Norway #firstontheplanet

Its 9 km to Mainz… The first man ever to paddle standing up from Basel to Mainz, 360 km, is and was Norwegian. The name of the ship is “Kjakan 24”. If Jens (pm) or Harald (king) is away from the office.. Please inform a mate that the flag is on the ship and tell him to donate 2 euro to my and your campain for missing children #redcross. Same goes for Jens and Harald when they come back to the office.

its not over, we have just started. Bjorn,soon finishing Rhine and starting on river Main. on the way to the Black Sea.

From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram

One thought to “Please inform the king and the prime minister of Norway #firstontheplanet”

  1. Best wishes… Go ahead! Did you get a place to sleep around Hanau?
    Keep in mind- there are special locks for small boats- and exit points near at almost every lock of the Main and beneath them exit points and stairs. (Will save you a lot of walking…)

    Greetings from the cyclist…


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