#photo “the man who wants to jump from the roof” #prison #suicide #oslo

I came around the street corner and the streets was full of police cars and the ladder cars from the fire department. And of course a lot of people who points at the man on the roof.

The roof man shouts, “Im gonna jump! I`M GONNA JUMP!”

I`v never seen a jumper, so I did as the people around me. I turn the camera on. I zoom. I shoot.

Then after five minutes, I figure out that I`m on the wrong spot, with the wrong focus. Who wants to wait to see a man kill himself? It took me five minutes to find that out….

Read on the nett when I came home. He did not jump from the roof of Oslo Prison. He is back in the cell.

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter. Likes when people not jump.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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