How to paddle Notodden – Skien, 52 Km ( or some of it )

Map from my
Map from my
Time laps shot from the east side of "Norsjø"
Time laps shot from the east side of “Norsjø”
  • Read the weather and wind forecast ( ) before the two lakes ( Notodden going south and after Akkerhaugen )
  • The forecast can be 3 meter/sec on land, but there is 5-6 on the lake…
  • Lystang Camping is super nice.
  • Plenty of wild camp spots on the east side of the “Norsjø” ( the big lake before Skottfoss/Skien )
  • The nicest part is the river “Sauar”
  • Big fish in the water.
  • If you get tired etc.: Hike with boats or the ferry.
  • If you have a car. Start from Notodden and return by train from Sauherad, Gvarv, or Skien.
  • If you want the SUP I´m using: go


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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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