Not tent. Not bed. But free floor and shower.

I guess the lot on the photo are not rowing this week, but Iv met one of their fine sons. Thats Mr Bauer..

I made it to Hanau today. Stream like hell until after Frankfurt ( nice city from the water ) but to much metall, smoke and industry. Then the big almighty paddelgod said; – let the bold norwegian get som peace…

So it went to less stream on the nose of my Kjakan. Ship. Small cozy villages poped up, and I met a paddler who said Ill have nice things in front of me. I belive thats the naure of Bayern. Looks like a lot of green on the map, and green is always pop.

Then in the last hour of light I went over to the north side of the river. A man coaching young fresh Germans in the art of rowing. He spoke english and he had the right nice brain… On my question about a place for my tent or a cheap room – his answer was; you can sleep on the floor in our club house, we have warm showers and there is a Greek restaurant on the second floor…

So Im clean, warm and safe in aprox 1 hour from now and I have a own Greek chef in my house 😉

only thing that could top this …. Is if you ask your friends and family to donate to the Red Cross / missing children.

Link is al over my blog 😉

Bjorn, big Hanau rowing fan…

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Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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