#nature #photos gets better with a remote person with control

Go to the end of the blog, I want examples of remote controll photos….

Beacause I`m writing three books. Two will of course be the two best books on the planet about trips in the outdoor on Destiantion 1. Hurum and 2. Sjusjøen  😉

I`v been tracking, hiking, skiing and paddling for years on those two destinations and have of course been taking photos of the best places to hike, fish, camp and where you can put up your bace camp fire and sing too the moon….

–          And I have seen and do mean that the photos gets better, nicer and adds something more (living?) when I add a person in the photo….

–           but I have had a challenge:  my lady don’t want to go on every trip……

–          That’s problem…

–          Solution; a Hahnel Comi TF Remote control

First a look on what I mean, and please have a look on my two shots from Sjusjøen (I think that person makes more life in the photo)  (is there a roule about this?)

Taken by me of my lady and my dog ( Place; Nevel Mountain ) and yes! I did push it to a old style Black/white..


Then my lady shot me on “Svartåsen” and again; “I think the photos gets greater with a person in it…..


–          Then to the yesterdays solution. A ca 1000 Norwegian Kroner  investment  in a a Hahnel Comi TF Remote control , and got it on the shop in Norway that maybe have best control on what they sell (Go www.fotovideo.no )

The remote did fire up to 100 meter (!!!) (great!! ) – And this is from the small test on Bjønnåsen yesterday.






…So – If you have any photos and tests that you’ve done with a remote, please Twit me on @Heidenstrom… I want to learn and be inspired  😉


Bjorn @Heidenstrom – a fresh remote fan

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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