In the hands of the Romanian police again…

0720 GMT, making a deal with Ralf. The waves are getting higher you’ll follow me on your binoculars, yes ! Nice !Thanks 0730 GMT, paddling out of Ralfs Casa Verde, Orsova. 0810, wind and waves escalating, Donau gets white, Im using 100% of my engine to keep the balance, waves cutting over my board, dry suit on. 0820, cant move forward, coing to shore. Calling Ralf; “can I hire you, your Land Rover,and a bed for the night?” Ralfs answer; Yes of course, I was wondering when you would call…” 0840, climbing up the forest wall and gets two choices. Right; angry Rumanian dog. Left; 4 meter to climb down to road. I go left.. 0842, two men on the road showing signs and one saying “Romania boarder police, where are you from, and why you are in cliff with kayak ?” 0910, invited to se small parts og their policeships, and with pride telling how they minitor the waterway. They tell the paddler that he did right decision. Donau is angry today, more angry later. 1030, back at Ralfs Casa Verde, reading weather forecast. Donau will be more angry today. 1031, I miss my Marianne, my two kids, my dog Bonzo, my cat Kano.

Dear Donau, I love your style, but give me a way to to finish. I will speak highly about you. I respect you. I think you are beautiful, but I want to come further. To reach 4000 and to see what I can do for The Red Cross. Most of all to hug my closest.

Dear boarder police. Thanks for stopping me with style and balanced authority, I like your style and respect the black metall piece you have on your right hip. 😉 and thanks for showing me parts of your ship.

My mate, my Facebook friend, please consider to donate 1 Euro to the Red Cross, missing children. Link on my site.. From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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