a super day with mucho Norwegian sea salt in your face #paddling #waves #seakayaking

A nice Youtube from some North sea Vikings.

A mate (Jon Vegard – @skreosen on twitter ) and his clan, – paddling open sea and loving the surf (and the potential hits by rocks to their heads… )

If you fancy a visit and a try; go @skreosen  (I know they like smiling positive visitors )(you need to practice before entering ) (do you have a life insurance?) (are you also nuts??) ( 😉 ) – Location: “Nevlungstranda” Close to Porsgrunn and Larvik.  The GPS spot is;  58°58’2.16″N  9°50’56.02″E  (copy & paste in to Google Map – hit “enter” and You`ll find it )

Their Facebook page is here


Bjørn @Heidenstrom on twitter/instagram.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram