BØ! I took a photo of a nude brown man in Vestraalen

If you visit this place, Bø in Vestrålen, then you are in, maybe the best place to visit in Norway if you like the combination of super wild + nature + ocean + mountains + fishing….

If you like paddling, you are in one of the best 10 best spots in the world if you ask me….

– and then you have to visit this statue, its called “the man and the ocean” …..

Bjørn, a Vestrålen fan

More Bø?  :

More about Bø, and I made it bold, what I know is true…..;

Bø is Vesterålen’s pearl. The township is characterised by great variety in landscape and flora. It is also an area that can offer, at the same time, frothy oceans and calm skerries, white sandy beaches and colourful moors, flat heath land and alpine peaks, cacophonic bird rocks and quiet marshes – all in an open, pristine environment, unspoiled by commercialism and mass tourism. We offer pure Nature, and the chance in any season for a unique experience of nature.

As a visitor, you can enjoy fishing, rambling, paddling, exploring, diving and wind surfing. Or you can simply lean back and allow nature to run the show.The arctic light, ever changing, like the weather, plays a large role in your experience of nature. In summertime, there is the midnight sun and its pink nights, the crystal clear air and deep arctic greens. In the wintertime, there is the bewitching dark season and the other-worldly northern lights, the driving snows and exciting storms, which have been known to tear roofs from houses and toss boats ashore. Hear the dramatic tales of toil, of humour and ill fate, of human companionship and wondering curiosity, of internal strife and collective harmony. Of powers, beliefs and superstitions. Of the ghosts of the sea, trolls and woodland witches – of the fairy tale land. Bø.



Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram