I need some help to find missing children #RT #spread #Twitter #Facebook

Hi, Bjorn here and in Basel (Swiss)

I need help on number 3…

Nr 1. Im going for a world record, paddling 4000 km on a SUP ( stand up paddling board ). Start; Basel, end; Black Sea. Days; don’t know, but 100 (?) it’s to make attention for nr 3.

Nr 2. Enlarging the biggest humaniterian man made symbol on the planet, The Shirt ( go; www.theshirt.no ) 700 teams on that symbol now. Over 300 proos have signed. Messi, Rooney, Sir Elton John, Iron Maiden are on. Fans are on. Blatter and Platini are on. I and we want more signed football shirts beacause it helps nr 3. ( involvement / attention / pr / media ) so send a signed old football shirt and be a part of it

Nr 3. Lets help the Red Cross to find missing children. Put a coin or a Euro or a Dollar in the bucket, and more importante; share it with 3 mates and pals one day a week. The bucket is here; http://www.minaksjon.rodekors.no/oppsporing/innsamling.aspx?col=1131


Nr 4,5, and 6 is not importante, but if……

4. I’d love that you tell a mate that I need a place for my tent on the Rhine or Danube. Your friend don’t live there, but his friend do…. ( 6 degrees spreading )
5. Information and facts is nice. I’v never been on those rivers and if you have… Shout and tell
6. Have a look on www.rodekors.no (red cross ) and spread it…

Bjorn, day zero, and soon day 1.

Ps! Sorry, but i don’t have a spell check so the english will be odd for 100 days 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram