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Tripod, Macro lens – gets you closer to the patterns, Telephoto lens – use when it’s not safe to use a macro lens, Polariser – can help cut down glare, Warm clothing


When temperatures begin to fall, lakes, ponds, puddles and even waterfalls (when it’s really cold) freeze, all of which make excellent close-up photography subjects.

What and where

Air bubbles trapped in the ice and cracks as the ice begins to melt produce interesting and often intricate shapes, which when shot with a macro lens, result in a large collection of abstract shots. Look towards the edges of ponds, lakes and streams too for areas where leaves and other debris have got trapped in the ice. Near waterfalls, even if it’s not cold enough to freeze their movement, look for nearby plants, grass and rocks that water’s splashed on to as it could have frozen, resulting in stalagmites and other shapes forming

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