How to come out of a water trap in Romania.

Iv published a youtube video where it looks like Im arrested. (youtube / beerbearbar is my nick ) Im not, Iv been helped and got super service ala Romania. Last evening by fishermen. To day by the boarder police. Again.. I got trapped, again, by waves and a wind we call “stiv kuling” in Norway. That means that it is hard to walk in that mess. It takes five minutes from bad to worst.On Donau it creates a bigger mess. You cant move. If you have a smal boat, you dont go out. After 30 minutes as a mouse in that storm, I head for a bay. Not the mud wall where I cant come up. Not the fishing net where Ill get stucked forever, but the bay. Calling Norway. Yes it will be worse. Change to dry clothes. Think solutions.. It takes, again, 4 minutes before the boarder police turn up. Passport okay… I ask the English speaking. Could that fisherman with big car get some money to transport me in to a Pensione ? “Iv already asked him, he’s been drinking and can not return by car” Could I make a camp here? “not smart” is new answer. Then the farmer turns up with his horse and suggest to ride me and my pack to pensione. The farmer has been sharing the same bottle as the fisherman. The farmer most, and I think; “not smart to do Bjorn„ Then I ask “maybe try to paddle close to land?” “not good, dangerous now, say policeman” But they dont leave, they make calls. After a while the police boss turns up and Im escorted to pensione.

So, Im not arrested, Iv got super help.

I love Romania !

And farmer with horse, thank you for asking!!! Next time, its you and me and your very nice horse!

Bjorn, 811 mark, Donau, Romania, soon dry..

Some that need more help than me.. ; From my Nokia. Im @heidenstrom on Twitter and @Rhine @Main or @Donau 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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