Football and music – @Jasonroberts30 meet football pro an DJ @JanGunnarSolli

Football and Music…

@Jasonroberts30 – meet a good football player who also is a super best DJ @JanGunnarSolli (about him; facts here )  (about JR here )

I have not talked with Solli on this matter, but will send the signal, – because I got something that might be a good idea. Im using what has come to be here for a while (internet … 😉 ) – to share what my left brain just said to the right section.

I got the idea after watching DJ Solli on Youtube:

Let him meet Your mates:

DJ Solli should either a) meet your musician friends online and share some facts and fun facts  and maybe theyr`l meet one happy day for a jam … or b) Invite him over to look at Afcar 2014 (the party) because a DJ  that’s meets your DJ & music mates can create a rhythm C) Afcar should have a song or two …..

Facts about Sollie is; good man, big heart, good legs are and from one place that has three cows and nice moose hunting (and nature) 😉  – then he trained football and became the urban soccer lad ..

I reckon, with my solid game, the last four minutes of Afcar 2013… – that I’m the main guest of honor in 2014 – and you two should do one hello via Twitter, email, or smoke signals and maybe is watching 2014..

And if time Jason – introduce or expose some of your music mates on your site …


Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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