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I`m good at training,- that means some parts of it…., but always looking for other hints, trix, tips and inspiration. I do volume, but have a long way to go on “intensity” and “planning” ( just throws on the shoes and jumps in…)

Found some easy and nice one today. It sounds easy, but dive in and see if it helps you:

Bart says:

“If you’re a first-timer, don’t worry about how fast or slow to go; just cover the mileage each day and get plenty of rest. If you’re more experienced, focus on hitting the appropriate intensity on each run. You don’t want to go too fast

and get injured. You don’t want to go too slow and miss your race goal. There

are a few reliable ways to measure your efforts—pace, heart-rate monitor,

perceived exertion, or the talk-test……  ( and the the rest on Garmin Blog Category: Into Sports.)

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