Challenging five cool ladies to day

Two are so lazy and have not learned the Norwegian language, so Its in English…

The first five that poped up after the word “cool” was:

Torhild, Gry, Nancy, Kari, and Yvonne…..

I know some of you have done the best thing you can do in 2012 (donated…) but I hope you push, spank and/or tell five of your best ladies to flick in one Euro.

Its not easy, they will like it on Facebook, but needs a shout to give that one ore two euro, and the Red Cross/ missing children needs it.

– and you should meet. You five….

I’d love to be the the fly on that wall.. ,-)

So Toronto, India, Hurum and Vålerenga. Start mailing and Facebooking….


Its about this.

Bjørn, day 20. Main. Germany. Standing.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram