My 17 best photos from a 24 hour snow mobile trip on Svalbard

Start: Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Goal: Sassenfjorden and the hunting cabin: “Diabas – Ice fjord”, UTM 33X 0524858, 8699093, 6 bunks, 1 sofa. sauna

Main Local Guide: Friend: Hedi Harviken

Gear: snow mobiles, guns, GPS, nav sat, food, beer.

After snow-mobile-events:

Visit and taste the local beer (link) (that was fun)

Taste the best food on the planet (link) (take a taxi an dthe food was whoooooouuuuuuu super……)

We also did one brown in both legs before bed here (link) (that is the «6th cooolest bar in the world» )

Then…… My 17 best shots from the trip:

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Rauer. Ula. Kjerringvik. Vestfold.

We were out on Rauer this weekend, a group of islands outside of Ula and Kjerringvik in Vestfold.

Huge rocks that are blanketed by sea, storm and wind. 50% of the island are nature reserve and it is a pretty spectacular experience just to stand there…

We found and removed plastic and isopore garbage.

The group