Any tips about places and pals on Danube? #expedition #theshirt #backpacking

My dog Bonzo do not have any facts at all, so I have to start ask you again…

I’v never paddeld Donau, but know that it’s 2872 KM before I go 445 km North on the Black Sea and up Dneper up 858 KM to Kiev.

So…..: have you been, or do you have som pals or facts about……

Origin of the river Danube. The place where two small rivers (Breg and Brigach) unite to form the Danube in Donaueschingen, Germany. The German name of the place is Donauzusammenfluss, meaning “Danube confluence“.

The Danube in Ulm as seen from the steeple of Ulm Minster, looking southwest.

The confluence of the Inn (left), Danube (center), and Ilz (right) in Passau.

Danube in Linz.

Budapest on Danube

Ilok Castle on the Danube in Croatia.

16th Century Danube landscape near Regensburg, by Albrecht Altdorfer

The Danube flows through the following countries and cities (ordered from the source to mouth):

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