Northen lights in Norway – and a tribute to “NF inspiring Photograph”

Took the shot ower by self timer on a cycling trip in the north… Comments are shut of (spam) so use my facebook to say hello 😉 (or twitter/instagram)

Doing two birds with one stone on this blogg. First of all a tribute to “NF inspiring Photograpy” who you will find here , and for that group and for a friend of a friend that wants to see Northen lights….

To little space on Facebook to help Ninas American friend, so on the questions; a) Northen light and b) skiing (cross or down )


Where can we see the northern lights? Northern Lights is as the name suggests, particularly linked to the Arctic. It occurs most frequently in a belt around the pole at a distance of about 2500 km from it. The coast of Troms and Finnmark is where the frequency is greatest. Otherwise aurora occurs both north and south of the auroral zone, but less frequent the farther away from it you get.

How often does it happen? In Troms and Finnmark, we could see an aurora if not every clear night, so at least every other. If we go to Southern Norway it will occur a few times per month. It happens 12 months a year, but it has to be dark to see it……  So go north! – and as you know, in the summer you`ll have sun up 24/7 in the north, so go winter / spring.

I have mates in Tromsø and Finnmark and can hook you up…. Fishing, boating, hiking, sledge dogs, etc – and probably the best nature in Norway if you like the words “wild” and “stunning”. Finmark is flat and the best nature people in Norway (Samene), and Tromsø has mountains, and voted the best “off piste place on the planet”  from American, French, etc skii magazines,that`s  in “Lyngsalpene”  (Tromsø). Bring a bottle of Jack and you`ll sleep for free.. 🙂  (I did …)

And if north; you have to , have to have to visit; Lofoten / Vestrålen , the most spectacular nature in Europa, if you ask me and my mates…

My own cycling photos from Finmark/Tromso – you`ll find here (with also the rest of Norway from north to south… )


Cross- and down skiing.

All over Norway…… But the cross country destination that is voted the best ( good prepping ) and the fact that all the national teams train there, and the fact that I`m a great fan…..) is   (voted by the natioanl ski heroes in 2012 )   I can hook you up with 5 different sleeping options there ( from hotel to tent….)

30 minutes from Sjusjøen, you`ll find Lillehammer (you now, the Norwegian Olympic place…) and the down hill resort “Hafjell” Where you can go my style (tent) or superstar hotel. I have a mate that own a ski-in-out-hotel on Hafjell, witch therefore is my favorite …. 😉  here

You`ll find a lot (!!!) of down hill resorts in 2-4 hour driving from Oslo, the closest is IN Oslo, so you can do shopping at Aker Brygge/ Oslo pier at 12.00 and go down hill at 14.00…  The tram takes you up and down.

My best link to it all is;

Welcome to Norway! It can take 14 days… but I`ll answer any questions….. 😉 because –

all Ninas friends are my friends! and I love Norway 😉

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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