A #photo tribute to Vinni & Quality SPA Holmsbu Hotel @Vinnivagabond

First a 3 days paddling trip from Hyggen (The fjord of Drammen), out to Mølen (a nature oasis in the fjord ), then tenting, and next leg in the fjord of Oslo to Håøya, more tenting and then….:

Back by car to Holmsbu and the SPA hotel. A super evening, varm sun, cold beer, spicy BBQ and a good host….

And this is what I and padling mate Jon Vegard Skreosen shot with my cam from Vinni doing the SPA & Hip & Hop:

You have to Click on the photo to make it big an super nice 😉 or visit same photos sharing on my Flickr photo file here

The hotel are on www.holmsbuspa.no  and I found the Vinni management  here…   and if you`r staff & crew – you can just shout and I`ll mail the photos in 100% pixels (they are in just 1600 pix here )


Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter, a SPA Holmsbu and Vinni fan



Bjørn Heidenstrøm

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