A 3 day paddling trip in @visitNorway #nature #backpacking with @Skreosen

I`ll give you the GPS track and the spot for camping and not camping….., but first the trip.

Shout if you want details (track, bay, streams, friends, and spots… ) and numero uno, one and 1. is to visit “Mølen” , the island that`s a “must visit if you paddle” in the ocean outside the fjord of Oslo and Drammen.

You have to camp on the south /west side (its a nature park) and you could look out for the streams on the east side of the island (when the wind blows hard ). Water post on the west…..

Paddle safe! and here`s what I shot from Hyggen (fjord of Drammen) out to Mølen island and back on the fjord of Oslo to the island Håøya and back to the center of the universe, Sætre (thats where i live ) 😉

Her`s my Canon cam and my bud @Skreosen in a video that makes photos better… 😉



Bjørn Heidenstrøm

@heidenstrom on Twitter/Instagram