My videos

I’m not in the Steven Spielberg league, but using YouTube to share, have fun, ask, or just to tell my best mates that I’m on a nice spot – and they are not… 😉

My YouTube channel for The Shirt and my traveling/cycling for the project is here  (nick name; theshirtno )


There I tell what I see in Cairo…:


– or to tell how the cycle road is from Lappenranta/Finland to St. Petersburg/Russia


– or to show snapshots of some of the 333 days on the road from Norway to South Africa:


– or to make a YouTube of the photos I took in nine refugee camps (and spots) I visited in Africa:


YouTube channel for @Heidenstrom

Then I made a YouTube channel with no “nick” and my own real name. It’s  here (Full name; bjornheidenstrom )

– to ask, share, or show how fantastic it looked like on a snowshoe trip I had in 16 minus degrees:


-or to share the saddest days in the history of Norway with own photos from Oslo after #osloxpl and #Utoya


My YouTube channel for MMS and video from the mobile.

My channel for ehhh … this and that, not to often – and with MMS video… It’s here (nick; beerbearbar ) Just to tell my mate Lars that (for example)  I caught a fish – and he didn’t … 😉


My own favorite nr 1 is when The Shirt was a part of the opening on Soccer City, Joburg, World Cup, South Africa.

They surprised me. I did not know that President Zuma of South Africa was opening soccer City with The Shirt. I started to cry (sorry) – so Kjetil Siem did the magic and Irene S. Siem took my camera and filmed… 😉

On top of click’s is my chat with Anders the Delta Force boss. He/they gave me advice and mental backing on my Norway to South Africa trip, and the Delta veteran and my mate Ingar Diskerud ( ) is the Shirt partner…

If you speak Norwegian… This is Anders. He is Delta, and runs the best team in Europe (if you ask me) – and they’re on The Shirt:

Part 1 of that chat is here.


Then you have “Jan No Problem” who added his Norwegian music on some of my photos and the song is about finding nice people who want to help. “Engel i ditt hjerte” means “angel in your heart”

Again – not great edit by me –  but you get the point… The photos are of people who helped me on the road (2009/10) – and they have an angel in their heart..



Others about me…

Then it is TV Kenya that followed me in to Refugee camp “Kakuma” (Kenya, north, boarder Sudan)

– and it was also fun to find the TouTube of how The Shirt was displayed in Johannesburg:


Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter (and   on .. 😉 )