….. fra den engleske siden min www.theshirt2010.net (jada.. mye UK skrivefeil, men du får det med deg..) :

I belive I have hold my speach and so called “pitch” 300 times.

In pubs, footballgrounds, schools, churches, eldery homes, and in front of footballplayers and their coaches.

I always open up for questions in the end.

One of the frequently asked questions are; “why are you doing this?”

Its a good question! and some times a photo can say it all. The photo is on the top, and it’s from the UNHCR Flickr page;  http://www.flickr.com/photos/unhcr/4157764404/ 

Be more then a club. (quote; FC Barca)

Be more then a fotballplayer  (quote; Bjorn  )

Be more then a supporter (also quote; Bjorn ) 

Help them. In a minute, in a week, by money, time or exposure.