My good mate and bro, – Jan Heidenstrom made his Norwegian song/text and have translated it to English. (yep, text from my Uk site )

This is the link;  The Youtube video

Its a a song about the refugees and them who helps the refugees. Its about and the whole big family under the the mother and father; umbrella.

Its about all who helps on my trip and the symbol we are making.

And yes I’m a dreamer…

All we need now is a backing band, Sir Elton John (who has donted his Watford shirt), and combined with (of course!) Iron Maiden and Steve Harris who signed and donated West Ham (Steve!) and the English top (the band & guests), and to join the band I guess
we should have the Port Vale fan Robbie Williams (still dreaming…) , and what about Oasis (Man City) and yes… who else should we dream about joining in ?? I know that my Scott mate; Fish have to be there!!! Hi gave me Malt, food, and the best hospitality when I was in the land of the Kilt’s ….  (and signed his Hibs and Scott shirt)

Okay, Think about a band of football lovers….

This is the link and song; my Youtubesong / video about angels by Jan Heidenstrøm  – where I mixed in some of many people who has helped me (and some photos  from NRC )

 –   and this is the brand new tekst from Jan.  

REF: In your heart there is an angel
Take their hands,lead them trough the night
In your heart there is an angel
Lift them,let them walk in your light

Whispers from the eternal shadows
Echoes from the hallways in the dark
The silent prayers from a thousand lost souls
The beating of a those lonely hearts.

You`re the one who sees their faces
You`re the one who understands their words
You can feel their pain and still their hunger
You can take away the hurt

  Who sings and dance and are a part of the football family??

 Bjorn @heidenstrom

Jan’s link is this; and you’ll see him and King Sverre on “mere”