on or whit his cycle

It is 100% activity on www.theshirt.no when I’m on expedition and you can see every blog from cycling Norway to South Africa (2009 – 2010 ) if you go back to those days and the cycling in 34 country’s.

When Im not on expedition or www.theshirt.no is hard to publish too (read bits, bytes, and haccers.. ) then Im pushing more content to my www.bjornheidenstrom.com – and that’s my main site while finding the next path – and while I find that – you can figure out if you want to join the Brazil 2014 expedition.

It will be a long trip if we get partners on board and a short one if not…. (Iv been 95% alone and self financed so far and need some new friends…)

– and still the same;  making attention for those who need that.  2009/10 for @Refugees (www.unhcr.org ) 2011 for de-mining and 2012 for Red Cross.

– does attention work? – well if the charity does their work. In one year the de-mining charity in Norway got 1 million NOK – the next year they got one week with prime time attention and raised ca 180 million. So it work if all hold hands and pull in the same direction.

Hope you join The Shirt direction!

Bjorn Heidenstrom

@Heidenstrom on Twitter / Instagram