Want to test some of a SUP trip? #paddling

The start was in Swiss Basel and the end was in the Romanian Black Sea…

I`v started to down- and upload the facts about the trip. Not handy for a camper van tourist, but it looks like the paddlers and the back packers like to see and discover some of the 3370 KM trip, before they plan some of their own water adventure… 😉

Next step is a full scale GPS-track-trip-upload (Garmin), so people can go deep in to KM and speed….

Rhine, Main, and Donau can be great fun if you plan – and great danger if you don`t plan…..  (I`v done both.. ;- ))

Best helpers and experts; www.tidromania.ro  on their ca 1000 km of the waterway.

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter

My best mate, Sepp Blatter and me #euro2012 #uefacom #fifacom #photosthatopensdoors

I’m alway publishing the photo of Sepp and me before a new leg of a expedition. Always…

That photo can open closed doors and I pretend we’re best friends.











I can not say that we have hung together so much……

To be exact; Just for 20 minutes.

But I can say that Sepp and FIFA helped The Shirt and communications for humanitarian causes. I can say that he invited me in to the office when cycling in Swiss. I can say that he signed his shirt and donated to The Shirt. I can say that refugees in all the camps I visited in Africa was proud to see the photo. I can say that I guess he was behind the stringst to FIFA TV about when they made The Shirt content about refugees who was sent out to 700 million.

700 million. That is strong communication.

Hope to see you on Danube. Hope you’ll donate a shirt. Sepp did!

Bjorn with the photo (owner of photo; www.fifa.com ) and @heidenstrom on Twitter – and counting down to start paddling Danube and theBlack Sea.