Want to test some of a SUP trip? #paddling

The start was in Swiss Basel and the end was in the Romanian Black Sea…

I`v started to down- and upload the facts about the trip. Not handy for a camper van tourist, but it looks like the paddlers and the back packers like to see and discover some of the 3370 KM trip, before they plan some of their own water adventure… 😉

Next step is a full scale GPS-track-trip-upload (Garmin), so people can go deep in to KM and speed….

Rhine, Main, and Donau can be great fun if you plan – and great danger if you don`t plan…..  (I`v done both.. ;- ))

Best helpers and experts; www.tidromania.ro  on their ca 1000 km of the waterway.

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter

#video “How to throw your daughter of a cliff in Norway” #bungee

A super tent-, mountain- and bungee trip with my daughter.


Telemark Opplevelser organises Norway’s highest permanent bungee jump from the suspension bridge at Vemork.
Participants throw themselves down into an 84-metre deep gorge from the bridge. Skilled jumpers describe the experience as very special and very tough because it is like jumping into a funnel.

Want to test out the rubber jump? Go: www.telemark-opplevelser.no

Bjorn @Heidenstrom on Twitter