Dog owners vs dog – look and behave alike! #romoeren #dogvsowner

I find myself digging in to dog articles in the Norwegian rain….

This is my service today – a link to serious one….;-) .., Youtube, it’s about how the dog often have the profile and the look as the owner. I was inspired by the meeting with the skijumper; Bjørn Einar Romøren (@romoeren on twitter ) yesterday. A very good metting, constructive chat, but not not as fantastic as to see and reflect ower the facts:

Dog owners and the dog has the same personal profile and look:

Glenn Frank  Fiddich (yep!, that’s his name) (to the left, under!!) and his dad & owner @Romoeren, not 100% twins but…, and you should see the walk, the talk, and the personal profile.

Thanks!! Please share your look dog-alikes! #dogvsowner

Bjorn @heidenstrom on Twitter and the owne of a tal, smart, handsome, pretty, athletehe of a dog; Bonzo the Cairn Terrier

Slik inviterer du alle vennene dine på Facebook samtidig | Frk. Plosiv


Har aldri hatt behovet i overskriften, men artig lesning om en kreativ løsning….

Bjørn @Heidenstrom på Twitter

Så over til Frk. Plosiv:

Jeg synes det er grusomt irriterende å skulle invitere vennene mine på facebook til aktiviteter/sider/grupper jeg synes er interessante, og måtte huke av, bla nedover, huke av, bla nedover. Det trenger ikke være så vanskelig!Du må bruke Mozilla Firefox/Opera/Safari som nettleser. Internett Explorer fungerer dessverre ikke.

resten finner du på/via Slik inviterer du alle vennene dine på facebook samtidig | Frk. Plosiv.

How to take a macho mountain #photo of your self (and bragg to your mates)

1. Use self timer

2. Find a mountain top with a moon landscape

3. Wait for the fogg!!!!!

4. Don’t look in the camera, try to look like Amundsen, wait for the bip bip bip biiiiiiiiiiip – shoooooooot!…

5. Send it to your mates (and you’ll look like Amundsen and/or Nansen)  (but sometimes they tell me to fxxx oxx ) .. 😉

Bjorn @heidenstrom on Twitter – from the peak of Nevelfjell mountain(1089 meter high and not 8000 .. 😉

via my;  Flickr: Your Photostream.

Probably the best trained and handsome cycle team in the world

The skijumping workshop in Hadeland was a great success and I had to share the team photo – and a accurate headline….

Where; Hadeland

Track; very long…. very muddy .. very fun

Field manager; Arne Åbråten  (his forest )

Speed; Fastes was 55 km/h

Team manager; Clas Brede Bråthen (best in downhill )

A nice second place in the finale; Alexander Stöckl (good climber)

The biggest challenge; not to be shot (moose hunting on the track )

What: a cycle break in the ski-jump-leader-work-shop with group meetings from 0700 to 22.00 and to bed 22.30 after one glass of Farris (or diet Solo )

The other part of the leader group played football – and I’ll publish that photo when they have agreed;  1. who became the winner? 2. Was it a cup or a league? 3. Is the
last game a finale?

Bjørn @heidenstrom on Twitter and yes!!! I did track the race and it’s here