#video – Voted the best hotel resort in Scandinavia @choicehotels #norway #hotel

I am 100% biased since I’ve greeted 89% of the employees, granted 50% of them a hug (because they are very good), and I am mate with the boss.

Entrepreneurs who dared, good staff, and one great internal environment have made them Scandinavia’s best resort.

The video is a tribute – and my contribution to you and what you can do and find in a radius of one to twenty minutes of the hotel. 


Dear Carlos Gambino aka Teo K. Luisa; jeg er veldig stolt av deg!!!   ( Skriver på Engelsk siden mine rare digitale flater går ut til ca 35 land hvor jeg har syklet eller padlet )

PS! Holder foredrag hos dere på fredag!

(press play!)

Bjørn @Heidenstrom Twitt/Insta