Må vel si at jeg elsker fotball humor.. – det vil si de miljøer hvor man ikke tar seg selv gravalvorlig, men heller byr på seg selv og muligens melder til kompisen (med ett glimt i øyet! ) at panneluggen faktsik er borte, nesa er litt stor, men jeg digger deg  likevel…;-)

Så mens Grekere jobber (håper jeg ) inntenst med den ferjemotoren som skal gå østover – så får jeg tegning og det er fra Simon Ellinas; en fin blandingshund med Gresk – Britiske mor/far.

Det er buddy Mr Hall som mailet over herligheten. Han så at jeg deppa litt,  og flott og se at få pennestrøk kan skape humor i havna (jeg har delt..)

Spot on! og jeg ser igjen at jeg straks søker på; Mr Norge konkurransen for 2010.

Takk Steve og Simon!

Og hvis du vil lære mer om pennestrøk, her er Simon fra; http://cartoono.co.uk/


My first paid commission for cartoons and caricatures was from a school friend who paid me 5 pence to draw other people! In those days, 5p was not an insubstantial piece of loose change.

Art School (Harrow, Portsmouth) sucked me in and spat me out with an increased ability in painting, sculpure and getting drunk, but even more of a desire to draw cartoons and get published.

Work at various publishing houses including what should have been my dream job, at Marvel Comics UK, eventually led to me publishing my first cartoons. (Marvel Comics UK, in those days, had a sort of student squat/sweatshop atmosphere incompatible with my finer sensibilities!)

After being asked to leave my last place of permanent employment, The Australasian Express Newspaper (now TNT, available from those little newspaper bins all around London), it became clear that the only person who would employ me was ME! And even then, I’m not sure if I’m sort of person I would like to employ!

Always keen on writing as well, I wrote hundreds of embarrassing, adolescent lyrics, songs and poems. Which wouldn’t be bad, but I was thirty-six at the time. No, seriously, I was thirty-eight.

I’ve had various humorous articles published in national magazines and a few poems in some of those anthologies that only three seriously-bearded and sandal-wearing-types read.

I am one of the UK’s foremost caricaturists, providing caricatures drawn from photographs as unique gifts and entertaining at corporate events, private parties, exhibitions, conferences and weddings all over Europe. You can say that I make a living from insulting people and they love it!

My cartoons and caricatures have been published in magazines and newspapers across the globe (including the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, News of the World, The Week, Nursing Times etc) and a lot of work is commissioned for marketing, advertising and training purposes.

BBC News 24 showed a distinct lapse in taste when they hired me to be their political cartoonist for The General Election back in 2005. Not only did I insult all the party leaders but I also wrote and performed my own General Election Poem live on air. Fortunately, the presenter cut me off before the last verse which was a bit too rude for the BBC!

The combined effect of my incredible cartooning talents and my comic poetry gave birth to my Cartoon Poetry Act in which I perform some comic poetry simultaneously illustrated by a flipchart (or projection) of cartoons! Goes down a storm, I can tell you! Some of it is rude, though, and I had my best ‘gig’ (as we showbiz types like to call it) at the Concert Artiste’s Association in London. It was an evening during which I was being introduced a prospective member of this olde-worlde music hall performers club and I gave it my all! The 150-odd audience were rolling in the aisles with exception of a stony-faced group in the very front row. Suffice to say, they were the selection committee and I was not granted membership. But that’s not strictly true. they granted me membership on the condition that I would NOT PERFORM again!!! I was chuffed.

Currently I am trying to organise the first ever Cartoon Festival in London, LICfest (The London International Cartoon Festival) at The British Library.

And I am about to re-launch the humour magazine I published in the nineties, Ha! (Humorous Arts) as a website. It is currently here, but will soon reside at humour.co.uk.

I live at home noisily with a wife, two teenagers, a dog, a collection of Marvel comics, guitars, drums and understanding neighbours!